More to Celebrate

By February 14, 2014Energy

More reasons to celebrate in February…

For the 9th year running, US projected Building Energy Use has declined.

What does this mean? It means that by 2030, American consumers will spend $4.6 trillion less on energy than was originally projected in 2005. It means that our entire building stock- both old and new- will use less energy per square foot in 2030 than it did last year.  W A T E R S H E D would like to thank all of our clients who have contributed to this positive trend!

The green buildings you built, older homes, offices, and schools that you renovated, and even the lightbulbs you changed, all made a difference. You have reduced air pollution and the threat of greenhouse gas emissions, saved money, and beautified your neighborhoods. In the coming year, we will use this blog to share your stories.

Inspired by your spirit of creative conservation, we are hosted a show of recycled and repurposed artwork at our offices during the month of February. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in!  All works are by local artists, including some wonderful contributions from Fairhope Intermediate School students,  and will be sold at auction later this year to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County.

There is still time to create artwork for the auction, so come and get inspired! Follow our News Page for more information, or contact Rebecca for details.

Pictured above: Recycled Steel Drum Flower, by Shelley Smith