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From a “watershed moment” to a decade of firsts…


Here we are on the eve of 2020- I can’t believe I’m marking the end of WATERSHED’s first decade! It feels like yesterday that we launched this new, experimental business, hoping to prove that green building could be pragmatic, affordable, beautiful, and accessible, in south Alabama.

Watershed was founded with the idea that the recession could become a “watershed moment”, an opportunity to turn away from wasteful building and development practices and chart a better course. Since our founding, we’ve sought out projects that had the potential to reframe what’s possible. To that end, our first 10 years have been a decade of “firsts”.

These “firsts” are not an end in themselves. They challenge norms, raise expectations, and thereby transform the market.

Each “first” demonstrates the leadership of our clients, helping them to pursue their mission and to tell their story. For many of our clients, this has also been their first experience with green building, and for some, their first experience working with an architect. 

The most rewarding aspect of our architectural practice is the opportunity to dream with our clients, to imagine the possibilities for their new business, new mission, or new life as a family, empty nesters, or retirees.  Our plans have been used to launch businesses, and even to propose marriage! We take this very seriously – it’s a huge responsibility and privilege to design the vessel for a new phase of business or of life.

As WATERSHED enters 2020, and our second decade, I am filled with gratitude for the projects we’ve been able to support through our consulting and education, the projects we’ve been able to plan and create through our architectural practice, and the relationships we’ve formed with our clients and community.

In the spirit of giving back, we are rolling out a series of workshops in 2020, intended to help  every building support a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. Stay tuned for information on local sessions for realtors, homeowners, organizations, and businesses.

If this decade of firsts is a foundation, I can’t wait to see what we can build in the next ten years!

Happy New Year, and Cheers to 2020!

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