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Join Watershed for a Green Apple Day of Service at the Pelican’s Nest, Fairhope’s award winning environmental and marine science lab.

The lab gives students the opportunity for hands-on STEAM activities and field experience focused on Mobile Bay and the surrounding waters.

Each year, over 3,000  students from around Baldwin County visit the Pelican’s Nest to get their hands and feet wet, and learn about the amazing ecology of our marine environment. The Pelican’s Nest was created by FEEF (Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation)  and is located on the campus of the historic K-1 Center in downtown Fairhope. The K-1 Center has been decommissioned for several years, and the campus needs our attention.

When visitors arrive at the Pelican’s Nest we want them to know they are visiting a treasured institution, valued by our community. It’s time to show it some love! Please, bring your yard equipment and help us weed whack, prune, plant, and groom the campus, so that the standard of excellence demonstrated inside the Pelican’s Nest is visible outside as well.

Our volunteers will also have an opportunity to help the Pelican’s nest conserve water and energy, while learning how to do the same in their own homes.

Green Apple Day of Service

Green Apple Day of Service at the Pelican’s Nest

September 26th between 4-6 pm

Pelican’s Nest Science Lab

How to Contribute:
Bring your energy and enthusiasm to the Pelican’s Nest