Sustainable Design Strategies

We have organized the sustainable features of the Inspiration Home into four major categories and 16 strategies, illustrated by this wheel. As you explore the main rooms on each floor, you will see examples of these strategies as we describe how the materials, products, and systems within the home contribute to the green and healthy design.

Explore how green design can create positive impacts, promote health and comfort, support peace of mind, and utilize smart materials.

The pollution avoided by the Inspiration Home’s rooftop solar array is equal to planting 2,528 tress, or taking 31.6 vehicles off the road.

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Building Sustainability

Whether you are interested in the design, the technical details, or both, we hope that the Watershed Inspiration Home will capture your eye and your imagination. Tickets for the tours are available now  with proceeds benefiting the Alabama Coastal Foundation and Family Promise of Baldwin County

Dive into the details!

Explore specific features and discover the benefits of sustainable building.