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The July 2019 issue of Mobile Bay Magazine included a special section highlighting influential women in Mobile and Baldwin County. We are thrilled to announce WATERSHED’s Rebecca Dunn Bryant was featured along with other notable women in our community.

Copied with permission from Mobile Bay Magazine. Magazine Photo Credit (below): Chad Riley; Exterior Office Photo Credit (above): Ted Miles

In her seventh year of full ownership, Rebecca Dunn Bryant defines Watershed’s mission as creating better buildings that conserve resources, their clients’ dollars, and are healthy for people and the environment. Label it green, sustainable, resilient or conservative design. They just think it’s smart practice.

Rebecca Bryant Architect

Rebecca Dunn Bryant, AIA


What does your business offer that makes it special?
Our firm provides full-service architectural design, sustainability consulting and planning services. We work across market sectors and enjoy helping organizations plan for sustainable development as much as we enjoy working with homeowners plan for the next phase in their lives.

What contributes to your success?
I don’t subscribe to the theory that businesses must specialize to succeed. In the natural world, ecosystems achieve maturity, stability and beauty through diversity. That’s our model. We created this firm in the depths of the recession and just celebrated our 10th year of operation. We are still continuing to grow and evolve, so the model seems to be working.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?
Many architectural firms separate designers from the technical people. I think that’s a mistake and the cause of stories about buildings that look gorgeous in sketch but are uncomfortable, unsound or too expensive to operate. It’s important for our architects to have both an artist’s eye and an inner geek. We recognize that people enjoy well-proportioned design without needing to understand the math, and they similarly love the way a building designed in concert with the movement of the sun and natural cycles feels without needing to understand the science. My goal is to design beautiful buildings that simultaneously do good and feel great.