LEED Certified

Size:           12,980 SF
Location:  Baldwin County, AL
Role:           LEED Consultant

A traditional design by WHLC Architects, with expansive views to the exterior, coupled with low odor finishes will create a healthy and comfortable interior environment. The contractor followed stringent construction practices to insure safe, clean air delivery from the HVAC systems.

Many recycled products are on display, including flooring, countertops, drywall, and paving materials. Watershed worked with TerMac Construction to ensure that the B.C.A.R. building was constructed with strict standards for indoor environmental quality and material construction. The construction team achieved a recycling rate of 87%

 Energy Efficient Design
  Stringent IAQ During Construction
  Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures

  Water Conserving Landscape
  Healthier, Low VOC Materials
  75% Construction Waste Recycled