USA’s New Engineering and Computer Science Building is a natural fit for green building practices. However, due to budgetary concerns, the university was not able to commit to LEED certification until after after Barganier Davis Sims, Architects Associated had completed the design and a contractor had been selected.

Watershed was brought in at that time to evaluate the feasibility of converting the building to a green project. The project design team had already incorporated many green building strategies in response to Engineering faculty interest. Watershed was able make recommendations to fine tune the levels of ventilation, HVAC, and lighting controls, and adapt plumbing fixture and materials selections to improve building performance even further. These upgrades to design, materials, and construction practices allowed the building to meet LEED design standards with a minimal cost increase to the owner.

The final building incorporates green building signage to illustrate positive environmental impacts and green building strategies to students and visitors alike.

LEED Certified

Size:            165,000 SF
Owner:      University of South Alabama
Location:  Mobile, AL
Role:          LEED Consultant