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Our designs draw inspiration from the porches, barns, and factories built across the south before the invention of air conditioning, and from the innovations of nature itself. We believe green buildings need roots, and challenge ourselves to create architecture that interacts with natural systems in a way that is both beautiful and functional.

When architecture engages the movement of the sun across the sky or the flow of water across a site, it offers an experience that changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons.  When we design spaces that blur the boundary between indoors and out. a smaller building can live larger through the visual and functional expansion of the living space into the landscape.  Sometimes, it’s not about the architecture at all, but about the building getting out of the way so you can enjoy a beautiful view.

We look for opportunities to demonstrate affordable, sustainable design. A palette of simple clean geometries and local materials that gain character with age allows us to create visual richness yet minimize cost.  We combine passive solar principles and a knowledge of historical forms to create buildings that shade themselves in the summer and capture heat and light from the sun when needed. It is a timeless approach to energy efficiency that conserves both resources and our client’s budgets.

“It was important to me that we all collaborate on the design and their responsiveness to that spirit was just wonderful.”

Tommy Swearingen, DauerWalden Conservation Community