WATERSHED has worked closely with the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF) to create a master plan, budget, and conceptual design for a STEAM focused Educational Enrichment Center, located in the center of downtown Fairhope.

The NEST center will transform the grounds of a historic school campus into an outdoor classroom, demonstrating best practices in ecological engineering and regenerative design, and re-framing the Pelican’s Nest Marine Science Lab as the heart of the campus. Four existing free standing classrooms will be renovated into a project based learning and professional development centers, with capacity for film-making, robotics, science labs, and the arts. These flexible, modern learning environments, with white board wall surfaces, green screens, movable partitions and adaptable furnishings will feel more like the headquarters of a technology firm than a traditional school. Both the Buildings and Site will be redesigned as 3D textbooks, demonstrating best practices for the transformation of an aging facility into a cutting edge Net Positive Water and Energy School for the state of Alabama and the Gulf Coast region.

“This will expand STEAM learning opportunities to all K-12 students and the community. Each element of the new FEEF Pelican’s Nest Campus will encompass hands-on, interactive learning in a green space that preserves our natural habitat in Fairhope for many future generations.” (feefonline.com)
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The NEST Educational Enrichment Center

Project Type: Master Planning, Conceptual Design
Client: Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation
Location:  Fairhope, AL
Role: Architect

What makes this campus a 3D Textbook?

  • Rainwater Collection system
  • “Living Machine” water treatment wetland
  • Solar Canopy and Electronic Energy Monitoring
  • Green Walls / Living Art Exhibits
  • Teaching Garden and Compost Center
  • Outdoor Classrooms and Performance Space
  • Flexible, wired Maker Spaces encourage creativity

Pelican’s Nest Campus Expansion Plans

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Outdoor Classroom

Living Laboratories

Innovation Center