Fairhope Health Foods, founded in 1975 and expanded over time, moving locations in 2003 and eventually taking over three adjacent lease spaces. Business continued to thrive but as years passed, the store was overdue for a more holistic renovation. Owner Lynnora Ash approached Watershed to help give the store a fresh new look, manage the intense heat and glare from their west facing storefront, and find opportunities for them to walk their talk about green and healthy living.

Integrating a new LED lighting design with improved insulation, and a combination of solar film and a light filtering architectural wood screen have resulted in about $1,000 a month in energy savings for the store. Natural elements like wood and stone and a daylight-responsive color palette provide a biophilic interior environment. The design also promotes worker health with new bike racks, a better break room for staff, and standing desks.

For more information on the healthy renovation, check out our article “Healthy Buildings Are Good For Business: Wellness By Design“.

Project Type:  Commercial Renovation
Square Feet: 4,200
Location:  Fairhope, AL
Role:  Architect

Healthy Building Essentials

  • Holistic Accessibility: for pedestrians and bicycle transit as well as disabled customers
  • Design for Active Living: good ergonomics and design to encourage movement
  • Biophilic Design: open to views of nature and natural light, incorporate natural materials and plants, design spaces that respond to biological needs
  • Healthy Lighting: use electric lighting that reduces glare, mimics daylight, and responds to our body’s circadian rhythms
  • Green Materials: build with non toxic, low emitting materials, support companies that strive to reduce the environmental impacts of the materials harvest, manufacture, and use