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Mobile Bay Magazine announced their 2020 Watershed awards and we are delighted to be recognized with those working to restore and protect our local environment.

A glance at the organizations recognized in this article makes it very clear that environmental work is not just in the realm of non-profits. Many businesses are leading the way, and it takes the public and private sectors working together to restore and protect our unique coastal environment!

If you want to learn more about sustainability efforts around Mobile Bay and the Gulf Coast, and how you can contribute, make sure you register today for Alabama Coastal Foundation’s annual Sustainability Summit! See here for details:

Excerpt from the Mobile Bay Magazine article:

Watershed Awards: 10 Champions of Sustainability

MB’s inaugural awards honoring the efforts – big and small – to protect our local environment
by Catherine Dorrough – January 15, 2020
Photo by Matthew Coughlin

“As local development marches on, sustainability has come into sharper focus. We’re situated in the heart of the North American Coastal Plain biodiversity hotspot, one of 36 global hotspots that are biologically rich but also dangerously threatened. With that reality in mind, individuals and organizations are finding innovative ways not only to promote healthy growth but also to repair past environmental damage. Well established groups like Mobile Baykeeper are leading the charge toward a future in which our towns work in harmony with our ecosystems. At the same time, regular people everywhere are making small but important changes that deserve our applause.

We’d like to recognize 10 leaders whose work is setting the bar in local sustainability. Their efforts show that, with ingenuity and effort, a healthy future is within our grasp.”

These are the recipients of Mobile Bay Magazine’s 2020 Watershed Awards:

1. The Lodge at Gulf State Park

2. Roberta Swann, director of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

3. Alabama Coastal Foundation Oyster Recycling Program

4. Braided River Brewing Co.

5. Meredith Montgomery, publisher of the Gulf Coast edition of Natural Awakenings

6. Woody, Jim and Shannon Walker, owners of the OK Bicycle Shop and Liquid Lounge

7. The Federal Courthouse

8. Bayou La Batre Seafood Waste Processing Plant

9. Gary Gover, Chairman and President of the board for Earth Day Mobile Bay

10. Dog River Clearwater Revival

Read the whole article here: