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If you travel the back roads of Baldwin County, around Magnolia Springs, you may have noticed a change in the scenery recently.  The Weeks Bay Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Preservation (WISP) has created a new outdoor classroom and event space out of a long empty barn that, until last month, was nothing more than a charmingly decayed roadside landmark.

WATERSHED and FMS Engineering have helped WISP move the barn to its new home, strengthen its old bones, draw in daylight and breezes, and prepare it for a new life on the organic farm. What better place for children to learn about farming methods that preserve the health of our soil and water, than in this carefully preserved  piece of history?

And you don’t have to wait for a field trip to visit! Join us next weekend to support WISP’s mission with a celebration of homegrown food and music: a Traditional Oyster Roast in the Oak Hammock, followed by the 1st ever Blueberry Jam sessions.

See you at the hammock!

barn reconstruction

        Blueberry Jam Sessions
        When:  Sunday, October 18th
        Where: Weeks Bay Plantation

Visit: Weeks Bay Plantation