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We have much to be grateful for in this season of Thanksgiving, including our friends at Healthy Building Network who compiled these guides for mindful purchasing. Clean consumer goods, just like clean building materials, are safer for you and safer for the workers who make them. Buy local, buy clean, and help turn Black Friday green!

Resources to help turn your Black Friday purchases green:

Building Product Guide:

HomeFree Product Guide from Healthy Building Network

Consumer Products Guides:

Children’s Safe Product Guide:

Retailer Report Card:

Find and Support Indigenous Owned Businesses:

US Chamber Black-Owned Businesses

Buy Native

Buy Local:

Local Lookup from Sustainable Connections – From artists, craftspeople, and manufacturers who live, work and contribute ethically to your local economy.

The holidays aren’t about the gift itself, but the thought behind it and the people we love! Consider these alternatives: sharing a home cooked meal, taking a class together, attending an event at a local performing arts center, volunteering together, making a donation in their name or spending some quality time together. These are all great ideas to support green companies and initiatives. Leave a comment if you have other great green gift ideas to help turn Black Friday green.

turn black friday green

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