Blueberry Jam at the Long Legged Barn

By | Green Building, Recycle

If you travel the back roads of Baldwin County, around Magnolia springs, you may have noticed a change in the scenery recently.  The Weeks Bay Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Preservation has created a new outdoor classroom and event space out of a long empty barn that, until last month, was nothing more than a charmingly decayed roadside landmark.

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No EPA for Indoor Environmental Quality

By | Energy

There is no EPA for Indoor Environmental Quality, consider that for a moment.

We spend 90% of our time indoors, but we have no way of knowing the material ingredients in the walls, flooring, insulation, paint, and furnishings that surround us. Better building practices like air sealing the exterior of a building to keep out pests and dust, eliminating conditions in which condensation can occur, and using better air filtration can do a lot to improve indoor air quality. Read More

More to Celebrate

By | Energy

More reasons to celebrate in February…

For the 9th year running, US projected Building Energy Use has declined.

What does this mean? It means that by 2030, American consumers will spend $4.6 trillion less on energy than was originally projected in 2005. It means that our entire building stock- both old and new- will use less energy per square foot in 2030 than it did last year.  W A T E R S H E D would like to thank all of our clients who have contributed to this positive trend!

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recycled mardis gras bead bowls from Lyons Share Gallery

Celebrate a New Start with Recycled Art!

By | Recycle

During the past year we moved to a new location, inaugurated a new website, completed an ownership transition, started our first Passive House projects, while continuing to shepherd LEED buildings to certification, and became an official “Living Building Ambassador!”

We are grateful for the blessings of the past year, and looking forward to using these tools to make affordable, high performance buildings more accessible to building owners and home owners across the South. Join us celebrate our own new beginnings, by helping needy families make a new start.
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Edible Garden

Edible Landscapes

By | Landscape

Whether you want to attract birds, butterflies, or the neighborhood kids, an edible design will add life to your landscape. Gardening for wildlife focuses on providing food, cover, and water for birds, butterflies and other creatures. Read More